Spring 2018 Update

Spring 2018 Update


The replacement truck for the 10- year-old Toyota Hilux was delivered to one of the founders of Hope Village & Hope International Christian Academy (HICA), Rev. Victor Padmore, on Friday February 23rd. e time-line for the hoped-for truck replacement was stretched from 1 to 2 years as we awaited the last few $5,000 donations designated for the truck purchase. We were surprised to nd that, as a non- pro t mission organization, we were eligible for a 25% or almost $9,000 discount. at is the amount of the VAT (valued added tax) that was waived for organizations investing in education and the well-being of orphans. You can see here the children showing off their shiny new truck!



When Martin Digler visited Hope Village last fall during the raining season it was obvious that the school needed a new roof with many of the rooms offering showers as well as education. e rst few months of the year constitute the dry season in Liberia. After a short fundraising effort, a total of $9,000 in donations has been forwarded to replace the roof of the school with new “coated” zinc metal material that is more resistant to deterioration than the 12- year-old original zinc roof. Local men, unemployed and happy for the opportunity, will be hired to install the new roof.



An 8 kilowatt generator and a compact “missionary” solar panel to power a yard-light and administrator’s laptop was sent via Global Health Initiatives container shipment in January. ese items were donated by David Patterson of Dak Generator Services and his brother Dwight along with Jeremy Anderson a partner in GenPro Energy Solutions LLC. It will take 2-3 months for the container to arrive in Monrovia and make their way to Phebe Hospital where the container will be unpacked. David is one of the original board members of Bridges of Hope and continues to track our progress.



A local honey producing company has met with members of the Hope Village farming group. The company will provide 10 bee hives and 30 more will be constructed on-site for a total of 40 hives for the bees as they produce honey. The honey company will purchase the honey harvested and that revenue will help make Hope Village and Hope International Christian Academy to be become self- sustaining and eventually independent.



Construction of the guest house duplex underway since last year is being readied to house the student engineers from SDSM&T. Recent gifts provided funds to complete the floors, drain field, doors and windows.

guest house


A group of student engineers from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology will visit Hope Village for several weeks following graduation exercises in May. They will assess what they might do to purify water and develop solar energy at Hope Village. With the cost of solar energy becoming more reasonable, the goal is to establish a computer lab at the school. With the right resources it will also be possible to bring LED lighting to improve the safety and security of the school and homes there.



Twelve plus years after the war ended in Liberia the level of unemployment still approaches 70-80 percent and desperation drives much of the theft in the country. To protect the small progress achieved at Hope Village, two reliable men have been hired to work as night watchmen for the farm, school and village. Several projects, including goat farming and a pig venture, intended to help Hope Village become independent have been sabotaged by thieves entering the village in the dark of night and stealing the animals. One overlooked bene t Hope Village provides in this situation of high- unemployment is opportunity for those living at or working with the school and orphanage. Over 25 people are employed as teachers, aides, administrators, care givers, farmers and now, night watchmen. In the short-term, several others as they replace the roof of the school. It is through the continued support of donors like you that these job opportunities are sustained.

A long-time donor to Bridges of Hope has promised up to $50,000, pledging to double any donations received before July 2018. Please take this opportunity to double the value of your donation today!

You can donate online or you can send a check to: Bridges of Hope, Inc. PO Box 8265, Rapid City, SD 57709

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